The JM Guide

Why do I have the Journeyman (JM) Guide?

As a health journeyman I am devoted to life long learning. The internet is considered by most to be a wonderful place to discover what seems like a limitless source of knowledge on all manner of topics. However, it is so easy to get lost. Typing in a keyword in google may return what you are looking for, or it may return thousands of results that aren't that helpful. There are two problems that I typically encounter when searching through health related topics.

Problem 1 : Trust.

I tend to find what I am looking for, but I don't know if it is from trusted source. In other words, even if I find a great study or article on any given topic, what do I know about the person who wrote that article. Did they have an altruistic motive for writing that article? Or did some corporation sponsor them to write the article or influence them to interpret a study in any one direction? Does the author have the background and experience to be credible on the subject?

Problem 2 : The One Article.

Does anyone have time to read all the articles returned in a google search? Even if they do, why should they? If there are multiple articles, it really helps to figure out which one is worth reading and which ones are not. Furthermore, health articles can contain lots of scientific terminology that put people to sleep. Sometimes you just want the bottom line. Sometimes all you can find is a superficial top 10 list with no sources and no new information. 

Solution : The JM Guide.

As a health journeyman, I think there is a solution. I plan to only only link to articles and authors that I have a good credibility score. For each article I read, I am posting a simple guide. The guide, will answers 3 very basic things I typically want to know myself.

  • Higlights: What are the main highlights of the article. In other words, what information is contained in this article that I should care about.
  • Take Away: What is the the main take away. In other words, why should I care about this article.
  • One Thing: What is one thing that I can do after reading this article that will make the biggest impact on my health. There is of course never one thing, but I will pick one thing from the article that I think seems like it would be relatively simple to do and have a great impact on your overall health.